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Главная » 2009 » Май » 19
I Dream of Californication…
May 18th, 2009
The second series of Californication has just started on Fiver, and judging
from the first two episodes, it hasn’t lost its touch.

The drama stars David Duchovny (looking good for someone who’s nearly 50!)
as Hank Moody, a troubled writer and sex addict. Part of Hank’s appeal is
that, despite his promiscuous lifestyle, he’s trying to be a good father to
daughter Becca and is also still hopelessly in love with his babymomma Karen
(sorry, thought I’d get with the US lingo). Of course, playing a sex addict
must be very hard for Duchovny, so much so he’s taken to method acting
*cough cough*. But in all seriousness, he really does play the part
convincingly. I don’t ever catch myself thinking “that’s Mulder from The X

Warning: this paragraph contains spoilers (sort of)! Lots of juicy
storylines are coming up in the second series, so it should successfully get
over the pressure of being the ‘difficult second album’. It starts with
Karen and Hank reconciling, but don’t expect things to run smoothly for
them – it never did before so why would it now? So expect the Hank-Karen
on/off saga to run and run (much like the Ross-Rachel saga in Friends).
Plus, Hank’s agent Charlie goes from sleazy to sleazier and…there’s even a

With a third series also greenlit, it looks like Californication fans will
have plenty more drama from our loveable rogue to look forward to. Unlike
Hank, the creators haven’t suffered from writer’s block!

Tags: Becca, Californication, Charlie, David Duchovny, Fiver, Friends, Hank
Moody, Karen, Mulder, Rachel, Ross, The X Files


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